Our Activities

We are involved in various activities in community development like

  • Busoro Health Center

Run by Sisters of the Society of Helpers in Rwanda

The health facility offers
    – Maternity
    – Antenatal clinics
    – Vaccination
    – Consultancy
   –  Hospitalization including being admitted

  • Educational Center for girls

Girls school in the Southern Rwanda, it is dedicated to our Lady of Providence
(Ecole Notre Dame de la Providence)-:- French
The Head Mistress is  Sr. Marie Goretti Mukarubayiza

The student population is 600 girls who are all boarders from All over Rwanda
The staff are about 30   ,for helpers sisters they are 4, teachers 22, supporting staff are 7.

It is a academic and co-curriculum giant, the morality and discipline of the girls is beyond reproach.

  • Vocational Training Center                                                                                                                           Founded to help young men and women acquire skills like Masonry, Carpentry, Tailoring. They are mainly from the poor in the society.

The vocational training center is situated in Gisagara full name being V.T.C Eugenie Smet.

We offer courses like:-


Tailoring students being taught at Eugenie Smet Vocational Training Center Gisagara.



Carpentry students being instructed at Eugenie Smet Vocational Training Center Gisagara.


Masonry students working at Eugenie Smet Vocational Training Center Gisagara.

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