Eugenie Smet also called Blessed Mary of Providence

Our founder’s Profile


Friend of Saint John Vianney. Felt a call to acts of charity made on behalf of souls in purgatory. Founded the Auxiliatrices des Ames du Purgatoire (Society of Helpers of the Holy Souls) in Paris, France on 19 January 1856. The Society continues its missionary work today in 22 countries.

Her Memorial is on 7th February.

She was born on 25 March 1825 at Lille, France she Died 7 February 1871 at Paris, France of cancer. She was Venerated 22 February 1955 by Pope Pius XII (decree of heroic virtues) and was beatified on 26 May 1957 by Pope Pius XII in Rome, Italy.


Her famous quote

“If one of our friends was imprisoned in a house of fire, how we should rush to her help. Then think how we should try to deliver the souls in Purgatory” – Blessed Eugenie Smet

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